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As the nation reckons with institutional racism, many are left wondering: what can they do?

If you want to show up for the cause but are not able to protest in the streets, there are many ways to engage, from educating yourself to volunteering, supporting Black-owned businesses, spreading awareness and donating money.


Local - Harrisburg 

Black-Owned Businesses


Bail Funds

Donations will go toward paying bail or bonds to release protesters jailed in states with bail or bond systems.


Single donations will be split between multiple organizations, with the ability to adjust what goes where.

• Act Blue Bail, Mutual Aid, and Racial Justice Organization Funds

• Act Blue Racism and Police Brutality Funds

• Act Blue Bail Funds

Community-enrichment organizations

Donations will go toward arts, technical, or other programs for Black and brown people.

• R.E.S.I.S.T.

• Black and Brown Founders

• Black Table Arts

• Embrace Race

• Voix Noire

• African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund

• SoGal

• BOOM Concepts; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

• 1 Hood; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Policy-reform organizations

Donations will go toward legislative efforts to overturn systemically racist policies at either national, state, or local levels.

• American Civil Liberties Union

• Black Lives Matter Global Network

• Color of Change Education Fund

• Advancement Project

• Community Justice Action Fund

• Anti-Racism Fund

Police-reform organizations

Donations will go toward police-reform initiatives, including efforts to redistribute police funding to other social services.

• The National Police Accountability Project

• Campaign Zero

• Communities United for Police Reform

• Communities United Against Police Brutality

Online Resources

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